Juan Herrera

B.S. Computer Science

Juan Herrera

B.S. Computer Science

Hello!, I am Juan Herrera

B.S. Computer Science

Front-end developer passionate about the latest trends in development and obsessed with best practices when it comes to write clean, efficient and maintainable code.



Juan David Herrera Marín


June 11, 1993 – Manizales, Colombia





Hard Skills

  • 95% Complete
    Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, Sass/Compass, CasperJS, Git, Grunt 95%
  • 90% Complete
    Back-end: PHP, MySQL, Java, PostgreSQL, Oracle, .NET 90%
  • 85% Complete
    Others: Videogame Development, AR, Processing, Max/MSP 85%
  • 75% Complete
    CMS: WordPress 75%

Soft Skills

  • 90% Complete
    Leadership 90%
  • 85% Complete
    Interdisciplinary Work 85%
  • 100% Complete
    Confidence 100%
  • 90% Complete
    Communication 90%


  • 100% Complete
    Spanish 100%
  • 90% Complete
    English 90%


Yuxi Pacific

Front-End Developer - June 2016 - Current

Brainshark, one of Yuxi’s main clients, is lookfing forward to migrate its main application to the latest technologies. My function consist of turning ActionScript(Flash) features into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript features. I often consume web services and use the following tools: BackboneJS, jQuery, UnderscoreJS, RenderJS, Grunt, NPM, SVN and Git.

Dimensión IT

Lead Developer - April 2016 - June 2016

Government application development does not only require solid programming experience but awareness of the security threats around us. My responsibility as lead developer consisted on orchestrating the work of designers and engineers to deliver high quality software. I used the following tools: JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL(StoredProcedures), HTML5 y CSS3.

Apolo Ingeniería S.A

Developer - August 2015 - November 2015

The constant technological diversification represents a challenge for any company to confront a changing ecosystem. My duty integrated two scopes: To be able to determine the direction of the upcoming technological developments to be one step ahead in the competitive market and to develop a cross-platform application using Titanium and Appcelerator in order to create an MVP.

Vivelab Manizales

Technological Coordinator - June 2013 - June 2015

Technological Decision Making is a key factor for any company, and that’s the role I played in Vivelab Manizales, where I put into practice my skills related to Knowledge and Technological Management. This role is also divided into more specific tasks such as: advice on technological issues for regional entrepreneurs, development of technological solutions for University of Caldas, and webmaster of different institutional projects. 


Translator English-Spanish - 2014 - 2015

For over the last 2 editions, the International Image Festival has contracted my services as translator, where my responsibilities go from the formal reception of international guests, to the translation of each one of the communications made before, during, and after the festival.

City Taxi

Back-End Developer - January 2013 - June 2013

PHP, SQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML were the tools I worked with in City Taxi App, a taxi application to ask for cabs using your smartphone. I developed asynchronous answer modules through AJAX, as well as advised the correct development through the use of Git/Github as a CVS.

One To One

Translator - June 2011 - July 2012

In One To One, I wrote translations for clients like RCN Televisión and Hyundai, where having the highest grammar skills was essential not only in spanish but in english. My responsibility was the coordination of collective translations all the way to the final delivery to the client.


TRU Digital Media

Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Sass, Compass, Bootstrap, Git, PHP, MySQL) - March 2016

Web development for TRU Digital Media as their main site. In this project I did not only took part in the development process but I also provided constant feedback on the different visual components displayed.

TRU Digital Media

Geek Label

Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, Sass, Compass, Bootstrap, Git) - February 2016

PSD (Photoshop) to fully functional website as a technical task for CompuCorp in London.


Urban Green

Web Site (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Git) - February 2016

PSD to fully functional website including a contact form, content manager and latest quality code standards.


Kindd - Raise your humanity

Social Entrepreneurship - Founder (WordPress) - January 2016

Kindd is a philanthropic initiative that seeks to raise the human side of each one of us through altruistic acts toward others.


Game Jam - Transitio_MX, México

Event Coordination - September 2015

In the Festival of electronic arts and video Transitio MX “Cambios Compartidos” I carried out the coordination of a Game jam that aimed to develop critical and social impact video games for Ciudad de México, México.

Constructora Trivento

Constructora Trivento

Website (WordPress) - September 2015

Web development for a construction firm called “Trivento” in Manizales. This project has a gallery, a product catalog and integration with Google Maps.

Constructora Trivento

The RAK Project

Personal Project (WordPress) - August 2015

The RAK Project is an initiative in pro of human connection through random acts of kindness. Its purpose is to remind you that the people you see around are human beings just as you.

The RAK Project

Pitch Coaching

Service - April 2015

The coaching received by Ricardo Ospina in order to present his initiative Loopero Project, was key to generate instant connections with investors that without thinking twice, made him a set of business proposals during the Mercado de Diseño, Artes Electrónicas y Tecnología in the International Image Festival.


The Compliment Project

Personal Project (WordPress) - March 2015

The Compliment Project is an initiative that aims to make the world better through compliments. My objective was to generate a bunch of positivism around the people, when you give a compliment you amplify their strengths and increase their steem.

The Compliment Project

Universidad de Caldas Editorial

Website (WordPress) - January 2015

Web development for the Editorial of Universidad de Caldas. This project counts with an e-commerce system, a product catalog and user accounts.

Editorial Universidad de Caldas

El Viaje de Astor

Regional Video game (Android - Java) - September 2014

Project that aims to promote the learning of the story of Manizales(city) in a playful way. Currently looking for financing alternatives through calls in order to implement a pilot test.


How to build your portfolio online

Vivelab Manizales Workshop - August 2014

Nowadays, the development of websites has stop being a luxury of some and has become a need of many. CMS have made this task accessible to any person thanks to its flexibility and modularity. WordPress is one the best CMS for general purposes and in this workshop we are going to learn how to use it in order to build high impact websites, both for personal and enterprise purposes.


Vivelab Manizales Augmented Reality

Mobile App (Unity3D - Vuforia) - July 2014

Interactive Application developed for Vivelab Manizales. See video below.


Processing Apps Creation

Vivelab Manizales Workshop - June 2014

This lab focuses in the use of different resources provided by mobile devices such as sensors and tactile screens in order to create functional prototypes through the audiovisual experimentation with code.


Montserrat 127

Website (HTML5 - CSS3 - JS) - March 2014

Development of the online portfolio for Montserrat 127. This website has a contact form and integration with Google Maps.

Montserrat 127


Critical Video game (HTML5 - CSS3 - JS) - February 2014

This is the result of the workshop of Critical Video games carried out in Vivelab Manizales where we had as challenge to develop a video game in less than 24 hours.



Transmedia Videogame Level 3 (Unity3D) - December 2013

Atrapados is a research project sponsored by the vice presidency of research of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana that consists of measuring the range of variation of collective intelligence for groups of people that are exposed to a transmedial experience.


Vuelo Cafetero

Videogame (HTML5 - CSS3 - JS) - April 2013

Participant and winner of the Game Jam of the XIII International Image Festival where I developed, along with my team, a 2D videogame using JavaScript and HTML5 in less than 48 hours.

www.juandavidherrera.com vuelocafetero inicio.html



Universidad de Caldas - 5 years

During this period, I developed knowledge in areas like: Programming, Algorithmics, Databases, Software Engineering, Communication, Security and Knowledge management. Nonetheless, what differentiates me is my academic leadership and my ability to unfold in interdisciplinary teams through methodologies like SCRUM and Design thinking.



When he was just 14, I met Raul Cuero, Colombian scientist who believed in the intellectual development of young people through the parks of creativity. It was there when I had my first formal encounter with science, he taught me that research requires work, determination and dedication, but what a better way to leave a legacy if not benefiting humanity itself.


A guitar at age 8 was my starting point in the musical field, empirically developed knowledge was formalized over time and the result can be seen here. Now I’m part of a university choir where I work on my voice and I learn to give it a suitable use at the musical and professional level.


Personal growth is the cornerstone of my life, through it I seek continuous improvement and constant expansion. Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and RSD are some of the references that I read daily.


Felipe Cesar Londoño

Universidad de Caldas President - 2015

I know Juan David Herrera a few years ago, as a practitioner student in many projects of the Universidad de Caldas, but also as Technological Coordinator of Vivelab Manizales. He has participated as technical producer of different programs and events we carry out. Juan David has shown a high academic capacity, knowledge and important skills in areas related to technologies, media and creation in general. He has demonstrated an excellent performance in the task assigned, great capacity of analysis, critical thinking and significant disposition for the development of programs in research and projection. He has stood for being always active, and with great personal capacities of team work.

Hector Fabio Torres

Centro Cultural Universitario Rogelio Salmona General Manager - 2015

Potentially, the current artist must be a person that integrates knowledge in sound, visual, semiotics and the new forms of structuration from programming; Juan David synthesizes all of these components, which makes him stand out as a programmer, artist and a person in the national and international landscape.

Gustavo Isaza Echeverry

Professor/Researcher Universidad de Caldas - PhD in Software Engineering - 2015

Juan has stood out because he is a brilliant student, with spirit of curiosity which expresses the scientific talent, evidenced in his academic performance and in the development of different projects related to the information technologies and computational sciences. In the research context, he is creative, propositive and innovator; a great work companion, showing skills in multiple technologies, development environments, among others; according to this, he has demonstrated the capacity to adapt to autonomous work environments using limited resources, with a high potential to participate in scientific activities and to carry out to a good term his projects.

Paula Lopez

Producer of the International Image Festival - 2015

I had the opportunity to work with the judicious, responsible, innovative and unconditional work of Juan David in different teams that I have led through different projects in different opportunities. As a student, he has shown great performance and research capacity, in areas that integrate both theoretical and practical scenarios. Also, he has supported the technical coordination of laboratories focused in design and the creation of digital contents; he has shown constancy in his creative and work capacity, from his responsibilities in management and project management. Juan has stood out for being a dynamic person when acquiring new knowledge, with great capacities for work team and an unequaled human quality.




"Authentic moments are the engine of new ideas"

Juan Herrera